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Hiring An Aquarium Cleaning Service In Dayton

If an aquarium vacuum is used on a regular basis, aquarium owners can get away with thoroughly cleaning their tank a few times a year. Aquariums are incredibly difficult to clean without upsetting the natural balance of bacteria inside. This bacteria contains tons of good varieties that help keep fish healthy and happy. If these bacteria are removed, the fish might start to develop health problems right away. Aquarium owners are usually unsure about how to clean their tank without disrupting their fishes' habitat. Using a scraping pad and algae vacuum are usually enough to keep the tank clean for a short while without removing any water. However, every once in a while, it is necessary to remove a bit of water and replace it with treated water prepared in a separate container. If aquarium owners do not know how to clean their tank, they may hire an aquarium cleaning service in Dayton to do so for them. Dayton aquarium cleaning service professionals come to the home on the scheduled dates to thoroughly clean the tank floor, walls and accessories. All of the accessories inside the tank must be removed and washed using a special cleanser. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove all of the fish and place them in a separate tank during the cleaning process. The separate tank must be prepared properly to keep the fish comfortable during their time out of the large tank. The smaller tank may be set up on a counter before being filled with distilled water prepared with the right solutions. The tank water is tested for compatibility reasons before the fish are placed inside. The water must have the right chemical levels and pH to adequately house the fish on a temporary basis. The fish are usually unbothered by the temporary relocation process. All of the accessories are removed from the main tank and placed into the cleaning solution. Some tank owners prefer to just use clean, treated water to clean up the accessories. A stiff bristled brush is used to scrub algae, fish feces and other contaminants off of the accessories inside the cleaning bucket. The brush knocks hardened deposits off the sides of the accessories. The deposits fall to the bottom of the cleaning bucket where they stay until it is emptied. Sometimes, it is necessary to empty the cleaning bucket several times during this process. Dayton aquarium cleaning service professionals make sure all of the accessories look nearly new before placing them on a towel to drip dry. The main tank walls, floor and lid are scrubbed down using a scraping pad next. The walls are usually covered with old food debris, fish feces and algae that grows wild in dirty tanks. The walls may need to be scrubbed extensively to remove buildup that accumulates over time. The length of time between cleanings usually determines how long the Dayton aquarium cleaning service professionals need to scrub these areas. If the aquarium is cleaned once every few weeks, the wall and floor cleaning process only takes a few seconds. Waiting months between cleanings usually results in hours of scrubbing to remove hardened deposits and thick algae. An aquarium vacuum can be used to suck all of the floating debris out of the tank. The vacuum is used to move the substrate at the bottom of the tank around to remove debris that dropped down between the rocks. A small amount of water is poured out of the tank and replaced with new water. This replacement process makes the water look clean and inviting. All of the fish are placed back in their tank after the cleaning process is complete.