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5 Unique Historical Origin Stories About Dog Breeds

Owning a dog can bring a lot of love and joy to a family. Just like finding out your own family roots, a dog's roots are filled with fascinating origin stories that come from all over the world. From large dogs like pit bulls to smaller pups like dachshunds, you'll be amazed to learn about the history of five specific dog breeds.

When shopping for a new pet, consider the long history behind the animal and how they can to be today.


Commonly known as a "Weiner dog" the name dachshund actually stands for "badger dog." The dachshunds get this name because they are natural hunters. Dachshunds were first discovered in Germany and known for their ability to dig and sniff out prey or small animals like rabbits.

As the needs for the dachshunds rose, the dog was breed with different breeds like a toy terrier to create the miniature dachshund breed that we know today. Even though the name dachshund originated in Germany, the canines are actually referred to as Dackel today.

Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls often have a bad reputation and it is likely due to their violent origins. While the origin of a pit bull is unfortunate, the dogs are very loving and known to make dedicated family pets. As you shop for pit bulls, you will notice a wide variety of colors and features like blue pitbulls for sale. This is because pit bulls are not a pure-bred breed. They are often mixed with a variety of other breeds so it is common to find various furs and physical features.

Some of the main breeds used to create pit bulls are bull dogs and terriers. Blue pitbulls for sale have been around the United States since the early 1900's as they slowly shed their fighting reputation and have been used in a number of different areas like armed forces and hospital aides.


One of the more unique looking dogs is the spotted dalmatian and they have had quite a history. While no one can pinpoint their exact origin, dalmatian drawings have appeared on old Egyptian tombs and chapels in Italy from 1360.

The dog has many different nicknames with one of the most common ones being the "Firehouse Dog." The dog is loyal, can be trained to do a number of things, and are full of energy. When purchasing a dalmatian, it's good to have a large yard and plenty of physical activities for the animal.


Half-Labrador retriever and half poodle, the Labradoodle has become a popular dog for it's unique size and curly fur. The Labrador retriever has origins from the country of Newfoundland. They are known to withstand cold weather and were actually used by hunters to help with boating, ice fishing, and other outdoor activities.

The poodle comes from both Germany and France. It has bigger claims in France where the poodle is often referred to as the national dog for the country. Mixing the two breeds gives you an active dog that can be trained, is very active, and can breed different colors of fur like brown, white, and tan.

Tibetan Mastiff

Big, fluffy, and loyal, the Tibetan Mastiff has a long history as a guardian in Tibet. The dogs ere bred near the top of large mountains. This has led to the thick fur coats that cover their whole body and provides warmth during all the winter months.

Even though the dog originated in China, they are available for purchase all around the world. The dog is truly a pure bred and has been bred with many other varieties to create all types of mountain dogs that are sold around the world today.

Choosing a dog is not just about the look. Knowing the history and use of a dog breed can help you understand the behaviors and needs for the animal.