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Going On Vacation When You Own A Cat

Are you thinking about going on vacation this summer? Are you considering just leaving your cat behind with sufficient food and water for the duration of your trip? Cats can be fiercely independent creatures, so this might initially seem like a good idea. However, there are a number of reasons why you should have someone watch your pet while you're gone. Some of the advantages of taking your cat to a boarding facility include:

Food & water: Since cats don't need to go outside for a walk, it might be okay to leave your cat alone for just a couple days. If you're going to be gone longer, you should take your kitty to a cat boarding facility. Were you to leave your cat completely alone, you have no way of knowing if he or she accidentally knocks over the food or water containers, potentially leaving your cat without one or both of these important substances. If this were to happen on the second or third day of your vacation, your cat could wind up starving to death or dying of dehydration. At a boarding facility, the pet care professionals will ensure that this doesn't happen to your beloved pet.

Loneliness: Because cats don't show as much outright affection as dogs, it can be easy to forget that cats also get lonely & bored. Without human contact for one or two weeks, your cat will start to seek out potentially destructive behaviors such as clawing up your curtains or shredding your couch. He or she may even show displeasure at being left behind by using your bed as a litter box. Fortunately, at a cat boarding facility, your cat will be able to get petted and playtime as necessary. If your cat isn't feeling social, playtime doesn't have to happen. But if your cat is bored or lonely, the pet care professional will help make him or her feel better.

Health: Even if your cat is young, health problems can come at any time. While unsupervised, your cat could wind up eating a piece off of a pretend mouse or some other toy that you've purchased for him or her. If this has adverse effects on your cat's health, or if your cat simply comes down with some sort of viral or bacterial illness, you may come home too late to do anything about it. At a cat boarding facility, your cat's health will be monitored daily. This doesn't mean that a vet will be giving him or her a checkup every day, but it does mean that one will be called in if your cat becomes lethargic, runs a fever, starts to vomit, or otherwise shows signs of illness.