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3 Reasons It Makes More Sense To Buy Your Labradoodle From A Breeder

In most areas, there is no shortage of online ads or adoption options for want-to-be Labradoodle owners. However, quantity is not always an indicator of quality. For people who want a guaranteed purebred Labradoodle and a host of information about their new puppy, a breeder is often the better solution.

1. Health History

A dog's health history is incredibly important. It serves as a peek into any potential future issues. Breeders keep health and genetic information for the parents and the puppy. This data allows the breeder to better predict any of the health issues that are common to the breed, such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) or hip dysplasia, and pass the information on to the new owner. 

Additionally, if any health issues, that were not previously discussed, become known after the Labradoodle is in your home, some breeders will help cover the cost of treatment or allow the new owner to return the animal.

 2. Better Pairing

Labradoodles are a favorite among families because of their fondness for cuddle time and their playful nature. However, it is important to remember that breed is not the only indicator of temperament. Some characteristics of a dog are heredity.

Breeders know the temperament of their dogs and use this information to help pair soon-to-be owners with a dog that best meets their personality and that will fit in best with their lifestyle and family dynamic. Better pairing means that both your new Labradoodle and you will be happier and have a better relationship.

3. Continued Access

When you purchase a dog from a breeder, you should look at the process as more of a relationship or partnership than you should a transaction. When you purchase from other sources, you lose access once the puppy is sold.

Breeders are different in that they often allow owners to follow up months or even years down the line if they have a question or concern about the animal or even just a general question about Labradoodles. With this level of access, you can be more confident that you have the resources you need to take care of your new pet to the best of your ability.  

A Labradoodle breeder will have a wealth of knowledge about the breed and overall dog care in general. Be sure to discuss further benefits of buying a dog from a breeder and any other care concerns you might have.